Air Conditioning Sales & Installation in Scottsdale and Surrounding Areas

Air Conditioning Security Inc. in Scottsdale is an air conditioning installation and sales company with over four decades of experience. We provide AC repair services, installation in Scottsdale, we also carry and sell what we believe to be some of the best HVAC products on the market. This ensures that you are getting only the finest quality systems available; ones tried, tested and recommended by HVAC specialists!

The Benefits of a High Seer Rating

A seer is a rating system that represents the efficiency, power and effectiveness of an A.C unit. For instance, the higher the seer rating the more effective the air-conditioner will be. This results in better savings, costs and longevity. This is why Air Conditioning Security Inc. only sells higher seer units and makes it a priority to sell brands from manufacturers like Comfortmaker. These units are better quality and the smarter choice when it comes to selecting the right AC for your home or complex. Our main goal is to find out which products and unit fits best in terms of budget, size and seer.

Comfortmaker AC Unit

Custom Sales Experience

Air Conditioning Security Inc. stands out because our technicians offer a completely customized sales experience. When it comes to the installation and estimate process, we will help you choose the best cooling or heating unit for your home. This is done by having one of our technicians visit your Scottsdale residence.

Our team will thoroughly inspect your home and discuss unit options with you, and then come up with proper estimate. We will also explain the pros and cons of each air conditioning unit, until we settle on the perfect pick in terms of: space saving styles, increased energy efficiency, noise reduction and affordability.

Top Quality Air Conditioner Units

When it comes to the price, quality, size, value and functionality of an A.C unit, Air Conditioning Security Inc. only sells premium top quality brands. If you are not sure how to pick out an air conditioner, our team can assist you with the selection process. We will help you find the proper sizing and the type of product best used for max efficiency. Our top seller is the Comfortmaker brand but we also sell other products; all seer ratings may change from year to year because of emerging technology. We always keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest trends and machinery on the market.

Comfortmaker AC Unit

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Hire Air Conditioning Security Inc. as your Scottsdale’s premier air conditioning installation, sales and Repair Company. Our goal is to deliver exceptional results and quality services on a regular basis. Our job is only complete once you are absolutely satisfied with our work and the product!

We provide same day fast service, so that you can get back to your routine as quickly as possible. We never outsource, and if you would like to find out more about the air conditioner products we sell, contact us today! (480) 946-6177